we take your business or idea to the moon!

We are a one-stop shop (Digital, Social, Influencer, Creative, Video, Photo, Native/Custom Mobile & Desktop App Development, and Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Development) that helps businesses & entrepreneurs turn their ideas into global leaders in their industry.

01. Planning & Strategy

We get to know you by: better understanding your business, its goals, your target audience, and the feasibility of your idea or project.
We strategize with you by creating a clear plan of action and understanding of the value of the minimal viable product you are looking to launch.

02. Design & Develop

We work with you to create a complete understanding of the main value proposition of your concept and the features that need to be integrated to create that concept.
We then combine your vision with our cutting edge technology and creative mindset to turn your idea into reality.

03. Test & Deliver

By combining our experience, tools, and resources we help you all the way through the frustration of going to market.

04. #Grow/Scale

With the digital world constantly changing and new technologies continuing to be introduced. Were here to help carve the right path for you to help take your business to the moon!

Our Services

Social Media Marketing

We utilize advanced social media marketing and digital marketing strategies to exponentially increase your businesses’ brand image and social community.

Design & Creative

We implement advanced user experience techniques combined with cutting edge design to provide the ultimate experience for your customer.

Native App, Desktop & Blockchain Development

We develop world-class custom mobile and desktop app platforms that become leaders in their industries. With our world class blockchain engineers, we can help bring your idea to fruition creating beautiful ICO’s and decentralized applications.

SEO, SEM & Paid Social Media Advertising

We utilize our world class SEO, SEM and SMA experts to create captivating campaigns that speak to our clients audience in a visual and engaging way. Combining digital marketing techniques with visual creative advertisements we are able to obtain an instant ROI that each client is looking for on Google and all Social Media channels.

Professional Video & Content

We create professional custom video and photography content to make your brand stand out in the crowd. We specialize in: campaign videos, aerial drone shots, product shots, campaign photo shoots, social media images, cooperate & Business, event photography.

Influencer Marketing

We utilize our long list of global influencers to help promote your business on: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, & Tumblr. Combining our knowledge of your target market and our selection of influencers, we help you create a campaign to increase your social presence, launch new products and turn your followers into paying customers!

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Our Work Speaks For Itself

In the digital world of technology, actions speak louder than words. Let our work speak for itself.

Desktop Platforms

Established in 2013, big game road trips have hosted thousands of sports fans from London & southwest Ontario on the big game experience.

Road trips include premium baseball, football, and hockey games in Toronto, Buffalo & Detroit.

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Desktop Platforms

Zoned In is a revolutionary new social networking app that turns your skateboarding experience into a real life video game.

The team at #Grow helped design and develop ZonedIn from idea stage and helped the business become the global leader in skateboarding social networking apps in a 2 year period by utilizing all services offered by #Grow.

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Desktop Platforms

Dr. Paulo Viana and his associates work to make our patients as comfortable as possible. We understand that for some patients, a dentist visit can be stressful. That’s why we provide a personal and friendly experience to set your mind at ease.

Feel free to call one of our offices to ask questions about our services or policies. Read our blog for additional tps and advice on oral and dental health.

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Desktop Platforms

The world first autonomous AI-based pen-testing platform. By utilizing multi-tenant reinforcement learning & swarm intelligence to think like a real world threat, Tanuki replicates the activities of the botnets used by Advanced Persistent threats to expose your company to “real world” attacks. Tanuki then files reports in real time so that critical risk vulnerabilities are quickly identified sent via email.

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Our Work Speaks For Itself

In the digital world of technology, actions speak louder than words. Let our work speak for itself.

Mobile apps

Our secret sauce to
scaling your social media!

At #Grow we have created a 3-step process to turning your followers on social media into real paying customers. Community. Content. Conversion. Sign up today to find out more!

Our Clients

We build real relationship with our clients
helping them build their dreams.